about us

GELIT ELECTRONICS is the largest online retailer in the country. From 2022, we will fulfill the small dreams and grand plans of millions of people. We always look forward to your messages and respond to them immediately.

Our goal is to bring maximum benefit to the customer

We want to make life easier, more pleasant and better, therefore, the search for the thing that you have wanted for so long should be convenient and pleasant.
We don't just sell home appliances, electronics, we help you find exactly what you need in one place on our site so you don't waste your precious time searching.

Gelit electronics is a universal answer to any request, the beginning of the search and its final stop, a real helper. We forever save our customers from unpleasant compromises, fulfill their wishes and enable them to dream bigger. Through smart research and honest service, we're already making our customers' lives a little better.

Warranty and service

We give you a guarantee so that your choice is insured and you believe in us, so that you can expect to become your best choice and platform.
We strive to have the best service, so we teach our employees not only the products they have to work with, but also how to interact with customers, because each of you is important to us.


Convenient delivery

And of course, any product can be ordered for delivery. We deliver to Tbilisi within 2 days, and to the regions on the third - fourth day.